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I was doing four hours in the gym a week and I’ve gone down a shirt and waist size. In under six weeks, I’ve lost 8.2cm from my waist, with my final measurement coming in at 74.2cm. I see my reflection while doing tricep dips and think I looked slimmer too. But the fact of the matter is, most of us aren’t able to dedicated our lives to fitness. Back to the gym I was steadily increasing my weights to squat along with the range of my press-ups. I realise I’ve learned so much about technique - now I don’t have to think about squeezing my glutes or getting my posture right, I just do it. With these perks built into the initial upfront costs, you are guaranteed personal attention throughout your customer experience. I have been a part of many fitness journeys and witnessed an incredible amount of success from all of my clients. From my point of view, the most important think in your training (cardio and weight)it is not depend the workout beyond the quality of your training, what do I mean. We have jobs, social lives and commitments, which mean we can’t work out every day and eat chicken and broccoli for dinner every night even if we wanted to. JC Personal Training is a team of diverse, talented trainers that will equip you with all the knowledge, motivation and support you need. When I got back, I was amazed to learn: I lost body fat. Thank you heavens above (and some hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains). Starving rounds tend to reduce muscle and increase body fat. And it was this week that beating my PBs became an actual goal. Or I am until Rich tells me I should ultimately be lifting 1.5 times my bodyweight. Self-control has now become part of the bargain. I have no idea how this happened. I became bigger, not leaner, but i built up muscle mass, which then i could use to pull up my heavy body, and ultimately, move to bodyweight training from weight training, cutting the protein - and finally becoming lean and fit. The problem is I am 28, overweight and if I do not sort myself out now I will never stop looking like a podgy Boris Johnson. The drawback can be mediated by enlisting the help of a live trainer to demonstrate proper technique of the prescribed exercises, or by introducing video workouts. I soon realised what drinks and snacks to avoid but also meals that were filling but healthy like veg-filled soups and tuna steak. Weightlifting in general and in particular compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, bench press, etc. Why all these (completely unnecessary btw) trainers bang on about deadlifts & squats is anyone's business, do you want to be a powerlifter. I used to be out eating and drinking every night. Especially as you get older there is more research pointing to the long-term health benefits. Re-entry was still tough. Doing combination sets between pulling, pushing and lifting exercises with planks into the mix is no laughing matter. Don't overdo anything, if you got thighs like an oak tree, time to ease up on squats. There's a lot of rubbish in any industry, but don't dismiss the whole community. That said, when I got back in my gym kit, I actually felt slim. Instead of taking a piece of fruit as a snack for a train journey, I take chicken. 

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