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Technical Writing Courses
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I have retired from writing documentation - BUT! ... Why not write the Manuals yourselves? OK, you may not have the time due to pressure of work ... fair enough.
But if the problem is that you don't have the in-house skills to write great manuals, then I can help you with a Training Course.

Why pay others to write your manuals, when you and your team could learn the professional skills needed to write them in-house? Just One Day would improve your documentation for years to come. +

Why delay when all it takes is Just One Day? 

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My Training Experience:

14 years' experience running this training course to people working in a broad spectrum of industry and business. They needed to write documentation such as Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and so on.

My Authoring Experience:

20+ years' experience writing all kinds if Instructional Documentation.

Learn how to write your own Professional Manuals

Every company wants professional manuals, written well, in Plain English, with a good structure and a proper Index-at-the-back. I no longer offer a Manual writing service, but I can teach you and your team to create great manuals in-house, for years to come. I'm here to help.

These Skills are Important for Your Company

First-class technical documentation helps you to sell your products. Good Help Manuals are a powerful sales aid — I was in Sales for over 25 years, so trust me, I know. They impress your customers and win orders. Take This Course!

Good for your Customers

Proper documentation means your customers are more comfortable with your products. They can find the information when they need it, and they can understand what it says - in Plain English. They can get on with the task without making mistakes - or calling your Help Desk.

Key Benefits of learning from Philip Tory

  • I have wide industrial, technical, scientific, engineering, software and business experience (see Career Experience).
  • Educated at 5 Universities, studying Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering to Masters level, and the OU Business Diploma.
  • 20+ years' experience as a Technical Writer, writing technical manuals, help guides and other instructional documentation. 15 years running a freelance business.
  • 14 years' experience running these Technical Writing Courses. I have trained several hundred people across 10 countries.

For details of these Technical Writing Courses, call me now on 01452 500639

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Technical Writer Training for any industry 

Technically, Philip is well qualified. He studied Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering to Masters level at four Universities, and later achieved a Management Diploma from the Open University.

He began his career as an electronics development engineer, designing a variety of electronic and electromechanical equipment, including the design of automatic test equipment for final QA.

As a development engineer, he worked on various projects such as:
  - Concorde flight computer team
  - medical electronics
  - car park control systems
  - mobile generator-floodlighting systems
  - diesel generator sets
  - computer development systems
  - fly-by-wire systems for fighter aircraft,
to mention just a few. For two years, he managed a technical drawing office.

He then moved on to technical sales, and broadened his experience to include Marketing, Franchise Management, Installation, Technical Support and Training. All roles included documentation of the companies' products.

Before starting his own Technical Authoring business in 2000, he was a Software QA and Product Manager for three years, which included responsibility for all product documentation.

In these various situations, he wrote:
   - User Manuals
   - Installation Guides
   - Software Upgrade Notes
   - Technical Specifications
   - Software Help Guides (on-screen Help)
   - Test Procedures.

Over the past 15+ years, he has helped about 160 client companies to improve their documentation. These include industries as diverse as financial services and banking; shipping management; the oil industry; software development; telecoms; pharmaceutical and medical; higher education and forensic science; housing management and will writing, lawn care franchise management, buildings maintenance systems and so on.

Writing good technical documentation isn't always easy.
1. It needs a good ability to grasp of the engineering, science or business involved, so that the author understands it.
I am fortunate in having a good, broad, scientific and technical education, with considerable career experience in many fields.
2. Then it needs the ability to explain something to somebody who doesn't know.. The target users need to read it once, understand it, and then get on with the task without delays, mistakes, asking someone else, or calling your Support Desk.
I have always had the ability to do this; while I was still at school, I sometimes gave talks to the local Amateur Radio Club - I built my first valve radio from the bits when I was 13!
At university, we had one lecturer whose equations spanned THREE blackboards! At the end of the lesson, my classmates would ask me, "OK Philip, what was that all about?" - and I would explain it the easy way. And so these skills have followed me through my career... And now I help others to learn these author skills with a Technical Authoring Course.

Freelance Technical Writers Gloucestershire UK and International, with 170+ clients across 11 countries.

Owner: Philip Tory, Director,
Technical Author and Trainer

Technical Writing Courses Training Manual
150-page Training Manual

Whatever your Industry... you can Write Better Documentation

Authoring experience: 

Edited the Tender Specification for ESO's European Extremely Large Telescope
130-foot 'E-ELT' telescope
technical specification

Help Guides for BP Shipping's oil fleet cargo-management software
BP Shipping Software Help Guide

Manuals for the MasterMover range of pedestrian-operated Electric Tugs
Electric Tug User Manual

Manuals for cargo and security scanning equipment
X-ray Scanning Operator Manual

Help documentation for University of Oxford, software for predicting the effects of new Cardiac medication
Cardiac research software guide

Business Franchise Manual for Supagrass Ltd
Lawn Care Franchise Manual

More documentation for European Southern Observatory
Telescopes in Chile: edited
their Technical Safety documentation

We can help. Call us on
01452 500639  (UK)

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