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Technical Writer

Philip has international experience as a Technical Writer and running Technical Writing Courses not just in the UK, but across Europe, and as far away as the USA and India. He has always had scientific and technical interests, and is well experienced in many branches of industry.

He also has a career background in Product Development, Marketing, Sales, QA and Training. For many years, he worked for companies in various roles, while also producing their Technical Manuals and Online Help Guides - he seemed to have the instinct, and the end users liked his work. He studied and researched Technical Writing extensively, and put it into practice. For many years, he would ask the end readers for their feedback. This was particularly useful, because they gave him the customer's viewpoint. They provided a constant flow of ideas for improving his employers' company's Manuals and Help Guides.

In 2000, he started his own Technical Authoring business, and in 2002 formed Authorgraphic Ltd. Since then, he has helped several hundredof people like you to improve their writing, and improve their company documentation. As a writer, his speciality is good clear manuals and help guides. You can learn these skills too. His aim is to inspire writers like you, and in the long run to help your end readers.

The art of Plain English is an important module of the Technical Writing Course. Why? Because easy communication saves you time and money. Plain English means presenting information in a way that the target readership can read, understand and act upon with a single reading.

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As Technical Authors / Technical Writers, we work in fields as diverse as physiotherapy, leisure, consumer electronics, financial services, telecommunications, semiconductor manufacture, computer hardware and software, aerospace, manufacturing, security systems, laser measurement, Health and Safety, X-Ray systems and so on.   Communicating with the target audience. A Technical Author explains complex ideas to technical and non- reader groups.  This might mean explaining to a doctor how to use a blood analysis machine, or telling a consumer how to operate a mobile phone. We help a particular reader group to perform a particular task, to get it right first time, and without calling your Help Desk. Technical Author for Manuals and Online Help Guides.

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