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Technical Writer

Plain English Plus

Do your customers find your Manuals hard to understand?

The art of Plain English is an important module of our Technical Writing Courses. Why? Because easy communication saves you time and money. Plain English means presenting information in a way that the target readership can read, understand and act upon with a single reading.
Plain English Plus goes beyond just the grammar - it's about how
to explain things to the new user in the best way. 

Technical Writing Course

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People read Plain English Plus quicker, understand better, and remember longer.

  • More efficient procedures

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce complaints

  • Fewer support calls

  • Increase customer understanding and satisfaction.

  • Increase sales and cash flow (see below).

I notice that the Upgrade Notes are now in layman's terms. Please produce a new manual in this style!

Clear and easy to understand. Very user-friendl

It is extremely easy to understand and the writing style is a tribute to ‘Plain English’.  

Independent research into plain English

Independent research from English-speaking countries around the world continues to demonstrate that clear writing in plain English produces significant business benefits.

Philip Tory - Technical Writer